We're glad you're here. Learn about how to avoid and respond to harmful stuff online. Privacy and security isn't easy but we try to make it simple. Here we share what we're learning as a team and Kanary community.

Featured Posts:

Removaly: What happened?

Learn what happened to data removal service, Removaly, after its acquisition and the existing options like Kanary, Deleteme, and Optery.

Identity Theft & Bad Credit: Can Kanary Fix It?

We were proud to be independently recommended by badcredit.org in a recent post about fraud prevention and identity theft. Bad Credit's mission is to inform and educate Americans with bad credit.

Kanary’s Guide For Removal Research

Kanary sent its first removal request on August 29, 2019 on behalf of our founders. Since then, we've spent hundreds of hours researching how to get information removed. Here are the most effective things you can do.

Doxxing: From Pitchforks To Keyboards

Pitchforks have become keyboards and the digital mob can publicly manipulate and spread your personal info like photos, addresses, emails, and phone numbers with a single keystroke. This is called doxxing.

Resources For Security Emergencies

General guidance for emergencies says to make sure a report gets on file with local law enforcement. If things escalate to legal charges, having a paper trail and records is critical for the law to work in your favor.

Launching Kanary

We launched a couple big changes since our first reddit post 9 months ago. We continue to build with urgency and work with those who reach out to us asking for assistance or looking for advice.

4 Tips For Handling Privacy Threats On Social Media

Having thousands of eyes on you can quickly become a threat - to your identity, privacy, or your well being. We live in a time where influencers are the new celebrities, and anyone's random tweet or post can go viral in minutes.

What To Ask Before Downloading A Contact Tracing App

As we see more communities embrace contact tracing, don't blindly accept something that doesn't feel right. In the medical field, you should always be respected and encouraged to get a second opinion.

Digital Hygiene And Your Personal Privacy

Once your information is online, removing it is harder than clicking 'unsubscribe'. Unlike your half-listening roommate, the internet's memory is long and enduring - and the hackers' reach is broad and deceptive.

Is your VPN your friend?

A former malware distributor, Kape Technologies, acquired ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, and Zenmate. Here’s what you should know and do immediately.

Mozilla Builders Are Fixing The Internet

We were thrilled to be a part of the Mozilla Builders Incubator this summer (2020) and continue to support their mission to fund startups.

Real World Privacy Threats & How To Prepare

Instead of focusing on stories that typically get headlines, we're going to examine three situations that can impact almost anyone: Social media fame, Justice seekers, and Relationships gone wrong.

A Conversation With A State's Department Of Justice

We talked with members of a State Department of Justice about the resources they provide communities and those suffering from harassment, stalking, and abuse.

The Worst Sites & How To Remove Yourself

We've summarized how to submit removal requests for the worst brokers we come across as we detect and remove our subscribers' information every month.

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