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How To Remove Yourself From The Internet

Identity Theft & Bad Credit: Can Kanary Fix It?

We were proud to be independently recommended by badcredit.org in a recent post about fraud prevention and identity theft. Bad Credit's mission is to inform and educate Americans with bad credit.


Kanary’s Guide For Removal Research

Kanary sent its first removal request on August 29, 2019 on behalf of our founders. Since then, we've spent hundreds of hours researching how to get information removed. Here are the most effective things you can do.


What To Ask Before Downloading A Contact Tracing App

As we see more communities embrace contact tracing, don't blindly accept something that doesn't feel right. In the medical field, you should always be respected and encouraged to get a second opinion.


Digital Hygiene And Your Personal Privacy

Once your information is online, removing it is harder than clicking 'unsubscribe'. Unlike your half-listening roommate, the internet's memory is long and enduring - and the hackers' reach is broad and deceptive.


The Worst Sites & How To Remove Yourself

We've summarized how to submit removal requests for the worst brokers we come across as we detect and remove our subscribers' information every month.